Before the Parade Passes By

Dolly Levi is ready to be remarried.  Widowed for years, and matchmaker for others since, she's set her sights on Horace Vandergelder.  But before pursuing him, she wants permission from Ephram, her dearly departed husband.  She sings for a sign to show that he's willing to let her go so that she can rejoin the living human race--before the parade passes by.

I'd been reading a little of jewelry that day, and was looking for a song that might involve a diamond.  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes occurred to me first, but this song from Hello, Dolly felt more emotional and right. I've painted a number of images centering around the wedding ring.  It's potent imagery.  I'm pleased I was able to keep so much of her face in shadow.  My inclination is to draw every detail in and highlight it.  This is one of my favorite images, I think.

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