It's a Maze

For the first time, I've started leaning on shows I'm not strongly familiar with.  I found The Secret Garden in a thrift store several weeks ago, and I know that it's an show many people praise.  I like the story--I've seen several movie versions, but I was resistant to learning something new just now.  I may have been biased by it abbreviated highlighting at the Tonys many decades ago.  I think I was probably rooting for something else that year, and decided I wouldn't like this show.  Once on this Island, likely, seemed a stronger showing.  I've listened to the music several times this month, and tho it hasn't grabbed me the way Superman, most recently, did.  It's good.  I'll give it a few more go's.

I thought I'd totally botched this image.  The background and middle ground DO work better than the foreground.  What I wouldn't give to lush up those silhouetting tree leaves--perhaps pushing them much cooler.  But it's not as bad as I remember.  It still passes and I learned some.

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