The Tornado

Several times I've considered drawing something to accompany The Wiz, but it never felt right.  Home, came up most often, and I considered No Bad News.  When it came time, The Tornado, a short instrumental piece meant to accompany dancing, felt most right.  I'm pleased to do another piece that feels like an actual illustration and not just a study.  I've said before that most of these images are studies for other pieces.  This one feels more complete.  My only regret is that I did not find a way to incorporate an african american sensibility.  Or something that feels like 70s funk.  Those elements are integral to the genesis of the show....and in the movie as well.  I seriously considered turning the house into a tenement, but in researching, I realized that the original stage production was a more earnest adaptation of the Kansas farmhouse, and was not set in NY the way the movie (brilliantly) was. 

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