Being Alive

All these crazy people keep getting married, and all Bobby does is get older.  Sure he's attractive, sure he's well loved, but where does he go from here?  He can't be the third wheel forever.  Company is Sondheim's look at marriage from the perspective of the unmarried.

I was trying to equate the birthday cake with a bomb's lit fuse.  Bobby spends most of the musical wishing he felt different about where he is in life.  But honestly, he doesn't want to change.  He wants everyone else to change.  I'm still playing around with color in the background--very cubist, partly out of interest, and partly because of time constraints.  I do think it gives a strange 3-d effect, which intrigues me.  I snuck in as many wedding rings as I could.  If I'd had more time to refine Bobby, he'd look cleaner, but as a thumbnail, I think these values look pretty good.

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