Carousel Waltz

Aside from being a carousel, I don't know what this image has to do with Carousel.  I'm pleased with the image, tho, so I'm not going to complain.  Billy Bigalow is a cryer in a carnival, yelling to draw customers onto the carousel.  He falls for a young customer, and they eventually get married.  He beats her and she loves him for it.  Then she gets pregnant and he dies trying to steal money to support his growing family.  Sent back to earth by an angel later, he sees how his daughter grew up to be just like him and how he needs to stop the cycle.

That's my interpretation of the circular carousel, anyway.  I was playing around with filters here and continued having fun with the cubist color balance shifts.  I'd paint some lights around the edges with ten or fifteen minutes more, and my 'horse' borders on 'dog', but it makes me laugh.  That's a success.

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