Nightingale Song

The classic story of the princess and the pea is retold with 50s charm and mildly irreverrent humor in Once Upon a Mattress.  Not only is the pea under all those mattresses, but a bird is brought in to help the princess sleep.

Compositionally, this image came together, but I'd still like to finesse that ceiling, and blur areas of that mattress.  I'd also like to play more with the perspectives.  That pile of slumber lumber would look better teetering and atmospheric.  I spent the last ten minutes trying to rescue the princess' face, which had gotten lost as I'd wrestled with her bedding.  There's something about the color scheme that reminds me of the late 90s.  Are they Starbucks colors?  The yellow, green and burgundy?  I've created far worse, but I can't claim this image as a victory.  Live and learn.  Then live some more.

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