Two Ladies

I don't tend toward the salacious, but if you illustrate Cabaret, how do you avoid it?  The emcee is an imp both fun and frightening.  In the most recent Broadway incarnation, he's openly homosexual and unapologetic for his shenanigans.  The new staging describes a threesome;  the emcee is having an affair with 'two ladies', one of whom is obviously a man in drag.  Pretty risque, even today. 

Or perhaps it's risque especially today.  Does anyone else think this culture is getting a tad too conservative?  I'm not looking for wild, nipple-exposed orgies on NBC, but I'm far more horrified by violence than sex.  Fewer explosions with a side of male on male kissing  to go, please.  Hold the tomato.

I meant to paint the emcee's fly askew, ever so slightly, but I forgot.  I think that's my one regret here.  I also struggled with this version, or another jpeg slightly more yellow.  I'm still not sure.

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