We're your dreamgirls, boy, we'll make you happy.  Did anyone miss seeing the film?  Do I really need to describe the thinly veiled history of the Supremes?  My original thought here was to have all three women's dresses fade completely into the background, but I didn't like it as much.  I also forgot to put in the microphone cords.  It's amazing how fast two hours can go when you're trying to get expression on someone's face.  I like the thin women, but Effie's still a little unresolved.  Looking now, I think she needs eyebrows.  At the last minute, I zoomed in from my original composition.  Perhaps it should also tilt down a little to the right? 

I try not to pick the best known song from any production, instead aiming for something illustrative.  But Dreamgirls is all about singing on stage.  This is what they have to sing about most.  Fortune and fame should make you happy, right?  Right?

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