Mrs Primrose is a nut, and we get to discover it before anyone is the cast does in On the Twentieth Century.  Lily Garland, the famous movie star is taking the famous rail train cross country, being courted by the man who discovered her for the stage, Max.  He needs her for financing, she needs him to drop dead.  Mrs Primrose holds the purse strings.  In this song, we learn that she's part of an abstract moral brigade, believing that everyone is a sinner.  She slaps 'repent' stickers wherever she goes, on whatever she finds, and runs mad through the railcars in the dead of night.  The original production starred Imogene Coca in the role.  Magnificent.

I'd have liked to have resolved some of the softness that comes with working digitally, but again, I like this image as a comp.  the colors are good and the cutaways always please me.  I might dissolve more train wall with more time.  But I'm pleased on the whole.

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