No Time At All

There's a great big world to explore, and it's hard to find where you belong.  Pippin is born into the right family, with great opportunities, and not much wisdom.  He visits his Grandmother, a woman exiled from his father's court and is told to make the most of the days he's got.  Live in the moment and forget about the future. It's all about instant gratification.  Obviously, this gets out of control very quickly and Pippin's life feels more meaningless than ever.

I'd spend more time making this a real painting--I like it enough.  Her ever expansive dress really feeds into the weird world I hope to create for my own stories.  I designed this page to include stylized faces that wouldn't need much attention.  It gave me time to concentrate on the composition as a whole.  The day after painting this, a friend and I went to the Arboretum and spotted 1/peacocks and 2/the self-same string of lights I'd drawn.  Synchronicity.  Easy, baby.  You're on the right path!

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