Fugue for the Tinhorns

Some days you're just tired.  I don't think this is a bad composition, or a ridiculously bad idea, but man I was exhausted.  Two hours went very fast and I still had a lot more I'd hoped to do.  I'd been to the racetrack to draw and view horses a day or so previous, and I was looking for a good song that might reflect that good experience. I also was well aware that I hadn't worked out a composition for Guys and Dolls yet.  It's a great show (and a mediocre movie).  I went with the song bit that talks broadly about gambling.  I'm not so sure the guy in the red is wearing a very cartoon-ganster style hat, but I like the other guys okay.  It's not my most original composition, but you'll find in these final weeks that a simpler composition has been smartest.  Those giant crowd scenes are fun to do and compose, but look horrible in just two hours.  Still, I tried to create more than just character designs, and put together an illustration.

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