His Love Makes Me Beautiful

It took nearing the end of this challenge to finally reach Funny Girl.  Fanny Brice is not a beautiful woman, but she's asked to round out the highlight of Flo Ziegfeld's closing number, singing as tho she were gorgeous.  Afraid she'd get the wrong sort of laughs, she stuffs a pillow under her wedding gown and sings about how her lovers' love makes her gorgeous and glowing.  Hilarious.

Halfway through the composition, I decided the image looked much too much like Barbra Streisand, who starred in the musical and in the movie.  I pushed the likeness more toward Ms. Brice, but I'm afraid now that she's a little too reminiscent of Princess Leia.  It's the curly buns on the side of her head.  There's a certain charm to that too, I suppose.  It would still get laughs, anyway.  The right sort?

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