Wouldn't it be Loverly?

We're in the homestretch for my 90 in 90, and some of the big names have been left undone.  And not on purpose.  Somehow I try and relate what I paint to my day.  Some days that's easier than others.  My Fair Lady has almost been painted several times.  In fact, once I started a drawing, and then got pulled onto another project briefly, where inspiration struck. 

I like this painting.  The character reminds me of the sorts of figures I like to compose most.  There's something archetypical about this stage show, and I love characters who are well rendered, yet paper-thin.  I've heard that description of Dickens' writing as well.  Humorous and broad, yet true.   I don't know how true I'm being, but I did enjoy her expression.  It's tough to imagine this woman dominating a gala event, but...that's the point, right?  I bet we all have untapped resources of charm when forced to smile.  That will make all the difference.

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