A Pretty Little Picture

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is a recent discovery.  I may have tried listening to it once, about the time I first heard Evita, but the songs really come alive when you know the story better.  Some albums tell you what you're listening to, others are harder to follow.  The son of a rich master in a Roman household falls for the slave girl next door.  In return for the help in winning her hand, the son will grant Pseudolis, his personal slave, freedom.  When doubts are cast, Pseudolis, desperate to be free, encourages his young master to look to the future and picture how wonderful everything will be once the fruits of his labors develop.

After finishing this, I threw a couple of filters on top, in areas, to blur and soften the image.  It improved it greatly, but, being so far outside my alotted 2 hour promise, I forced myself to throw those files away.  It looked so much better, that it's still a little painful to see it like this, but...  I have my pride.

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