I Want to Be a Producer

Unhappy.  Unhappy.  Very, very, very, very, very unhappy.   Mel Brooks has come to Broadway and it took me a while to come to him.  The movie of The Producers is not wildly lauded--it's a direct transplant from the stage and the performances have not taken the advent of closeups into account.  It's still good, tho.  I probably prefer the musical to the original.  And the original is hilarious.

Leo Bloom is an accountant who has discovered that a producer could make more money from a Broadway flop than from a success.  He and Max Bialystock set out on a mission to mount the worst musical ever created.  They find it, but still miscalculate.

This song comes at the beginning of the show.  Leo hates accounting and feels trapped.  I like the cropping for two reasons--he's getting pushed out of his own picture, and the top of his head is cropped.  It's a major plot point that a producer isn't really a producer until AFTER he produces a show.  Once that's accomplished (midway through act II) he gets to wear the Producer hat....literally.

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