Move On

Sunday in the Park with George is Sondheim's musical about artistic creation.  George Seuret connects to life through his painting, but real people baffle him.  He's in love with his model, Marie, but she needs more attention than he's able to give.  She becomes pregnant and marries a baker, leaving France (and George) for America.  She is forever held in esteem in his famous painting, Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte, however.  And in act II she returns to tell George's great grandson, a modern artist, to keep creating.

I think this might be the first image I really had to pull reference out for.  I needed a part of the painting for the illustration to make sense.  George looks a little too reminiscent of Van Gogh, and I completely avoided pointilism, but I still like the finish here.  It's obvious I spent more time on faces than anything else, but laying forth for myself unfavorable comparison to a masterpiece might intimidate anyone.

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