I'm Alive

Xanadu is complete, total and wonderful ridiculousness.  The movie is a travesty and the musical translation is more than happy to wink at the silliness of it all.  A sign painter is feeling particularly uninspired, and the gods send a muse down to brighten his life.  They fall in love.  And it's the 80s.  Boy howdy is it the 80's.  Rainbows and unicorns and roller skates and legwarmers and...

I never did get that column resolved.  Compositionally, I'd hoped that it would set further in the background, but I couldn't guess exactly what would happen once I'd included the rainbow effect.  I fought most of my two hours to get that thing to 'read' as a column, and I think it does.  Lofty goals.  Perhaps if it had been a twin column, it wouldn't feel quite so blocky, weighing her down and keeping her frozen.  I also might make it symmetrical.  Next!

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