After a number of broader scale images, I needed to catch my breath.  I tend to pick imagery that relates directly to my day, and I definitely spent some time with some cats last week. 

Grisabella, the glamour cat is past her prime and hopes to be picked in moving on to another plane of existance.  There is to be a chosen one, and she hopes that it's her.  Yes, Cats pretty much has NO plot.  It's basically an excuse for pretty people, dressed in tight fitting leotards to dance around the stage, made up like cats.

I wanted to see how far I could push an image, so a very simple design gave me the chance to really concentrate on an area or two.  I still would resolve a few edges and try to make things a little less computer-y with more time, but this image was a breather.  Also, the longer I look at my cat, the more it looks like an opossum.  Maybe I shouldn't mention that?

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