You Were Dead You Know

Candide and Cunigunda are childhood sweethearts, reunited after a great battle and many years of travel.  She has grown into an innocent hussy and he, a wide-eyed, trod-upon, rube.  They deserve each other and they know it.  But their travels will pull them apart and push them together several more times before finally settling down for the end of the show. 

The musical is based on the famous text by Moliere, and I suspect he kills and returns Cunigunda without explaining her resurrection.  This is the song they sing about it.  She claims that she'll explain about that later... and of course, never does.  This is another image I'd like to take more time to complete.  I've done a 'hungry alligators in the swamp' image before, but I might be due for another.  I don't know why that silly sort of adventure intrigues me, but it does. 

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