Mountain Duet

I'm fairly new to the world of Chess.  In fact, it took Josh Groban and Idina Menzel for me to get curious enough to really spend some time with it.  ABBA is still considered to have done quality work in music circles, and one of the male lead singers, whose name eludes me, wrote this back in the 80s.  The American representative of the world class chess champion meets the USSR's champion for coffee.  She has come to make amends for her client's bad behavior, in the hopes that a second match can be arranged.  I originally planned for a giant, empty silhouette of a chess piece be seated in the empty chair, but it looked silly.

My mountain range could use definition and atmospheric perspective, but I'm pleased with the American's face.  I like the table as a chess board too, tho it could be more lovingly rendered.

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