We're In the Money

I had to refresh my knowledge of 42nd Street.  I'd seen the movie, and I knew the general story, but I also was aware that the stage production differs greatly from what made it to the screen.  In the 30s, musicals didn't suffer from too much plot.  Lots of divergent musical numbers were added in as pure entertainment.  They weren't integral to understanding story, but they were well known.  And they became famous.  Apparently this song is sung during the big show, onstage.  Four beautiful chorus women, dressed as tramps find a dime on the street and sing about how their fortunes have changed.  Cheery.

The image is a bit mushy.  I started playing around with the gradients tool, so I learned more about how that works.  I've since learned a bit more about drawing straight lines, and that cityscape could use a couple.  I also am afraid the image got over saturated.  I'd like to desaturate the background and refine a few faces more.  Then we'll talk.

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