River in the Rain

I'm not as familiar with Big River as I'd like to be, but I love this song.  Jim and Huck, from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, sing country song in the rain as they travel down the Mississippi.   

I wish I'd dealt with the rainfall more intelligently.  They seem to be in front of a waterfall, more than in the midst of a deluge.  Perhaps more mist? More edges lost?  Reference might have helped me here.  I was so surprised by the song choice, however.  I have a long-ish list of shows I've yet to paint, but I was still hoping for something unusual and full of imagery.  I remembered this show at the last minute.

Huck and Jim are happy.  They love the rain.  They love the freedom.  They love the night.  I love being so close to achieving my goal.

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