No Matter What reprise

In an attempt to work out more variety in compositions, I've been searching for songs that take place in a broader expanse.  No Matter What was added for the stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Belle's father is lost in the woods after taking an invention on exhibition.  Eventually, he'll find the Beast's castle, but for now, all he finds are wolves.

I wish I'd been brave enough to go darker, with less moonlight.  His lantern light shadows would have been more interesting, if tougher to conjure.  The wolf's tree, too is overly highlighted.  I do like the mass of tree limbs above, and round horses crack me up.  I was in danger of pushing the contrast up too high, and making everything look much too sharp.  This is a good comp for a real painting later.  I'm quickly learning that most of these images would make better comps than paintings.  The happy thing is--I need to do comps.

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