Someone in a Tree

Day 90.  Easter.  So of course I decided to go with Pacific Overtures, Stephen Sondheim's account of the westernization of Japan.  It makes perfect sense.

Someone in a Tree describes the moment a treaty was signed between the opposing Japanese and American soldiers.  No one sees the event the same way.  A young boy watches the action from a distance, up in a tree.  A peasant listens to the action from underneath the floorboards of the meeting house, and a soldier waits outside.  Each person's memories are faulty and half-informed.  But they all know that the experience was retrospect.

I think some of my lights got a bit bright, and I might desaturate a shade or two, but I like the tree.  And I'm glad I left all the people hidden.

A short hiatus comes now.  I'll return with nine new paintings, each from the same show.  I'm not sure if I will keep the two hour rule, or instead, learn how to push through to a more finished image.  I will have missed a number of great shows-- Gypsy, West Side Story, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Brigadoon, On the Town, Wonderful Town, Chicago and more.  Lots more to learn, yet, however.  Stay tuned.

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