Cinderella at the Grave

My intention was always to change the rules of the game after finishing the first 90 images.  The ultimate goal, as always, was 99, and after a brief hiatus, I'm returning.  These final 9 images will all come from the same show-- Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim's take on the Brother's Grimm.  I also wanted these last paintings to feel more finished.  To get around my two hour rule, I broke up the project into sections.  I spent two hours on the black and white painting, which I'm posting next to the underdrawing (with which, as ever, I could spend as much time as I wanted) and two hours on the final color. 

The first image has Cinderella crying on her mother's grave, which her tears have watered into a giant tree.  The spirit inside the tree grants her her wish-- a dress for the festival.

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