There's Been a Call

Back in high school I discovered the musical of Sunset Boulevard even before I'd had a chance to see the movie.  I much preferred Patti Lupone over Glenn Close.  Maybe Close was the better actress, but on audio, Lupone had a much, much better voice.  Of course, considering the fact that the role of Norma Desmond describes a woman shunned by TALKING pictures.  She doesn't have to have much of a voice, I guess.

A friend and I used to sing this song together.  She was unfamiliar with the show, but I taught her the few lines anyway, and when we couldn't think of anything else to say, I'd start...'There's been a call" and she'd answer "What did I say".  It was fun, and stupid.

I like the color scheme here.  I didn't get much chance to get the Joe Gillis character married into his environment very well, but I didn't forget to give him a farmer's tan.  Priorities.

There's been a call.  What did I say?  They want to see me right away.  Joe, Paramount, they love our child.  Mr DeMille is going wild!  But it was some fool assistant.  Not acceptable at all.  If they want me, then Cecil B. himself must call."

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