Wonderful Guy

I may have done the math wrong here.  I finished the first hour and was shocked how far along I'd gotten.  I glanced up again, having barely accomplished anything, and the second hour had passed.  This piece needs some help.  I like the composition okay, but it needs more structure.  The ocean was meant to be more like a giant wheel that would be somewhat reminiscent of a pop up.  I could have done that if I hadn't gotten so distracted with getting the oranges and blues to jive.

At least I still like the compostion.  Nellie Flatbush is stationed as an army nurse on an island in the pacific and falls for a french man in exile.  South Pacific deals with the issues of racism and cultural prejudices.  Nellie finds eventually sees the light, but not everyone finds their way.

If you have a choice in the version to view, go for Reba McEntyre.

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