Hello Little Girl

Little Red Riding Hood is wandering through the forest on her way to Grandma's house when she's stopped by the Big Bad Wolf.  Okay, we know this story.  The song  is a seduction for Red to pay attention to the flowers and venture further from the path.

I wish I'd spent a little longer making the colors in the foreground meld a little better with the background.  Almost all of the action in this story takes place at night, and though the values can still reach bright white without confusing anyone, the warm colors distract me now.  It is nice having the time to explore and finish a drawing, however.  Some of the modeling is still rough, and some of the bushes in the back are left undone, but hands look like hands and baskets have threading.  It was a revelation.  If only I'd blended the wolf's tail and feet into the scene a little better.  I learned more about that as the days progressed, however.  Keep reading!

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